A La Carte Nutrition Services...

  • Single 30 Minute Follow Up Virtual Sessions - $45 


  • Single 60 Minute Follow Up Virtual Sessions - $75



  • 7-Day Personalized Meal Plan - $75

    • Health Assessment and Food Diary Review

    • ​30 Minute Virtual Session for Custom Meal Plan

  • Personalized Workout Program - $50

    • Struggling with HOW to workout? No results?​

  • 50 Minute Food Pantry Makeover (virtual/in-person within 10 mile radius) - $60


  • Daily (Weekday) 5 Minute Meal Review - $30/week

    • Submit photos via phone and receive healthy tips/swaps



  • DUTCH (Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones) + 1 Hour Session - $325

    • Do you wonder if some of your health issues may be related to hormone imbalance? This is a one day urine collection ​that is very simple to do at home. It will provide an analysis of 35 different hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S, and cortisol along with their metabolites). It will also test neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) including glutathione, dopamine, norepinephrine/epinephrine, and serotonin. Did you know these are made in your gut and an imbalance may be linked to cravings and mood?!

  • LEAP Food Sensitivity Testing (MRT) 

    • Leap Certified! Ever wonder if what you are eating is causing those unpleasant symptoms? ​This is the most recommended food sensitivity test. Find out which foods your body is reacting too and how to implement a healthy eating regimen.  

Not sure what you need?

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Energy Ballz

  • Energy Ballz - $12/Dozen

    • 20 Flavors - Raw Ingredients (nuts, seeds, dried fruit, oats, plant based protein powder, coconut oil, honey)

    • Quick, Healthy, Tasty, Macro Friendly & Energizing

    • Live Locally (no shipping)

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