My Nutrition Philosophy...

My counseling services will be based around primary and secondary foods and as well as intuitive eating. This is what will set you up for longterm success. The services I provide are not a quick fix. Working on your health requires 100% commitment and patience. My goal is to help you change your overall lifestyle so that eating healthy and exercising daily is not a chore. 


Primary food can be referred to as “food for the soul” and include: a career, spirituality, physical activity and relationships. Often when we aren’t nourishing our soul food(s) it affects our ability to have a healthy relationship with secondary or tangible food.


If primary and secondary foods become imbalanced we tend to build an unhealthy relationship with food and nutrition becomes a downward spiral.


Lastly, understanding intuitive eating helps you trust your own body and become in tune with oneself and thus have a healthy relationship with food. Emotions, fullness, satisfaction, hunger and non hunger cues, cravings, and diet mentality are all related to intuitive eating. 

Please go ahead and check out my nutrition packages and a la carte services. Feel free to book a complimentary 30 minute virtual nutrition consult to discuss what you are looking for and if you and I are a good fit!

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